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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm feeling lucky ^_^

GUYS ! i have something to share with u ols....heee
interesting n amazing !!
it was shared by one of my frens on facebook...
may be some of u had try this, but i just find out about this errr.....yesterday i guess....

okey,just follow these simple method....

Go to google homepage,then type one of these words...

Google sphere

Google gravity

Google reverse/mirror

Epic Google

Rainbow google

Google loco

Annoying Google

Google pacman

Then click "I'm feeling lucky"

Wait a few seconds,then see what happen..
Try okeyh!! ^^

hahaha...i tried n xjadi keje asek men mende ni....hadoy~
try sume words taw....it's fun !!

cik batu : err...first tyme entry lam bahase org puteh~ ^^


zacky ~786~ said...

waa.. menarik nie cik batu.. ~ nk try laa..

Far8 budak baik said...

best sgt ke..
tak paham ar
nak gakk haha

cik bAtu said...

@zacky ~ try taw !! mmg menarik !!

@far8 ~ alaaaa...xpaham kee...?
huuuu..try taw..